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For close to 3oo years (from before the year 800 until the 11th century) the Scandinavian people show remarkable talents for extending themselves and invading the world in various western and eastern directions.

Map of Denmark 



King Harald Bluetooths Runic Stone


History of Jelling

  King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra
   King Harald Bluetooth
   The Jelling Mounds
   Jelling Church
   The Runic Stones in Jelling
   The Runic Stones in their Exhibition Cases
   The Stone Ship
   The Stockade
   The First Stone Church
   The Secrets of the Smith’s Pond
   Photo Index
   Link to the Royal Jelling Agency
   The viking ship, Jelling Orm.

The Vikings


   The Nordic Countries Encounter the Christian World
   Adoption of Christianity
   Runes in Denmark
   The certificate of baptism of Denmark
  The Beginning of the Viking Expeditions
   The Viking Raids
   The Viking Vessels
   Viking Chiefs in Western Europe
   The Vikings in Britain
   The Viking Massacres
   The Vikings and the Franks
   King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra
   King Harald Bluetooth
   Swein Forkbeard
   Canute the Great
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